Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction(ED) also known as male impotence occurs when a man is not able to have or maintain an erection during baby-making activities or sexual exercise (in the other room).

ED is not part of the aging process.

ED is generally grouped into two types:The physiological and psychological EDs.

“The penis is a barometer of what is happening in the rest of the body”—Professor Wayne Hellstrom.

The physiological is connected with any disease or sickness (diabetes,hypertension etc) the may be having while the psychological impotence has to do with the man’s state of mind(Relationship problems,financial issues etc).

Stress is a major cause of ED. A tired,confused and easily irritated man would not be able to channel all his mind and energy into sexual activities leading to weak or no erection.

Sedentary lifestyles especially sitting down for too long impairs blood flow to the various organs of the body including the penis. The male sex organ needs sufficient blood flow to get and sustain an erection.

Other health conditions like heart failure,diabetes and hypertension can lead to impotence. One of the complications of an untreated or badly managed hypertension is erectile dysfunction,hence erectile dysfunction has been rightly described as the “Prima ballerina” of the complications of hypertension.

Nicotine contained in cigarette narrows the blood vessels impeding blood flow to the male sex organ with its resultant erectile dysfunction.

Riding a bicycle is a healthy habit but excessive bicycle riding puts pressure on the groin,impeding blood flow,damaging blood vessels leading to weak or no erection.

Being in an unhappy relationship can cause erectile dysfunction. An unhappy man or a man with a nagging partner would find getting and sustaining an erection difficult.

Alcohol use,drug abuse and some drugs(diazepam,marijuana,rohypnol, swinol,cocaine etc) actually has erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

Excessive masturbation causes erectile dysfunction in that the testicles in their bid to replenish sperm count overwork themselves neglecting the other duty of producing testosterone. Lower testosterone levels equals lower libido or sex drive. Erectile dysfunction is common in men with low libido.

Pornography is not real and Causes desensitization. A man who views porn lives in a fantasy land ,setting higher standards for not only himself but also for his partner. The sight of naked women becomes commonplace and doesn’t arouse the man sexually again. With regular sex partners the man does not achieve or maintain an erection. He has seen it all not knowing that pornography is not real. It is packaged to appeal.

It is said that “humans are on earth to worship God,make money and make love”,getting and maintaining a healthy rock-solid erection therefore is an honest duty. Men need rock-solid erections to make love. To maintain relationships and keep family happy.

Lifestyle changes is an important step in taking charge in ‘the other room”.Smoking cessation should be encouraged. Alcohol use should also be decreased or stop if possible.

Simple and moderate physical exercises can be undertaken. The stairs should and can be used instead of the elevator.

Some stretching or walking around should be done by people who have to work in an office for long period of time.

More fruits and vegetables especially dark,leafy and green vegetables should be consumed. Dark,leafy and green vegetables are rich in zinc which increases testosterone and sperm count.

Watermelon contains vitamin C and citrulline which increases blood flow to the penis.

Garlic and dark chocolates can also be taken to prevent or control ED.They increases blood flow to the male sex organ.

Herbal supplements like Ginkgo biloba, Panax ginseng(contained in ginsomin) and Yohimbe in addition to improving memory works to improve blood flow to every part of the body hence improving libido.

Yoga,a Hindu gift to the world which brings happiness can be engaged in by anybody to maintain a healthy weight,increase strength and increase blood flow to all body parts thereby enhancing erection.

A sex therapist should be seen together with one’s partner where all the beautiful measures above fails to help the man to be in charge again.

A doctor should be seen to know which of the great medicines that makes sex exciting should be used.They are sold over the counter by Pharmacists and they include vega,Vam vira,Viagra.

These drugs have side effects like headache,nasal congestion and should not be used together with blood pressure lowering drugs.

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