Which way Nigeria

Which way Nigeria is the title of a song released in 1984 by the legendary vocal Prophet, Francis Sonny Okosun .

‘Which way Nigeria’, ‘which way to go’,’which way is Nigeria heading to’ are some of the questions the late Ozzidi King needed answers to. He died without getting an answer to this important national question.

Fast forward to 2019,that is 35 years after Okosun’s song,the answer to ‘which way Nigeria’ still remains elusive. General Muhammad Buhari was the head of state then and President Muhammad Buhari is the President now. The former and the latter are one and the same person.Little wonder,we still do not know which way Nigeria is heading to.

1984 in Nigeria under General Muhammad Buhari was a ‘Year of recession and Depression’ literally.

Muhammad Buhari

In 2015,chants of ‘sai baba’ and ‘febuhari‘ rented the air as both simple and educated folks took to their polling units to vote for ‘the man of integrity,Nigeria’s elpis-our goddess of hope. The first sign of how hopeless his policies would be was in his ministerial appointments. Six months was what it took him to appoint his friends and praise singers as ministers. The value of the naira to the dollar did not survive that long before jumping from 190 naira a dollar to 370 naira to a dollar. Every other area got worse from there.

People queued to buy sugar,salt,fuel and other basic human needs in 1983.Presently Nigerians as a result of ill advised government policies do not have money to buy those simple life sustaining essentials.

This government,unless a miracle happens would forever be remembered by the twin evils of corruption and insecurity.

Every man,the Marxists believe and Jack Higgins pointed out in his book,Toll for the Brave, has his thesis,the positive side and his antithesis,the dark side. To control a man,find out the things that constitute the later and feed it until it becomes a dominant part of him so that he forgets every noble thing he has ever been taught. So that he loses his humanity.

Almost all the leaders Nigeria has had from Lord Lugard to President Buhari are guilty to a degree of some of the things that feed Buhari’s antithesis.

Lord Lugard and his colonial gangs supervised the looting of Nigeria’s human and Natural resources.

The award for the nepotist in chief in Nigeria goes to Ahmadu Bello .

Ironsi like Jonathan was clueless.There were slow in decision making. Obasanjo and Yar’adua were great leaders but,still had their shortcomings.

Buhari of 1983 and Buhari of 2019 are one. He is only bested by Bello when it comes to nepotism.

This post is about Nigeria.So. I am going to talk about Nigeria only and Buhari being the present President is going to appear more in the paragraphs that would follow.

The dark sides of President Buhari are unquantifiable nepotism, I-don’t-care-tribalism and Incompetency cum cluelessness on an industrial scale.

Under this President, Nigerians are not asking for a voyage to the moon.They only wants to be alive.They want to be able to go to their farm without being killed or kidnapped by AK 47 carrying killer Fulani herdsmen. They want to travel from one state to another without being raped, killed or kidnapped by bandits.

While the secessionist Indegenous People of Biafra(IPOB) led by the loud mouthed and undiplomatic Nnamdi Kanu was curtailed by a military operation codenamed Python dance which is in its third edition as of press time, the killing trinity of the killer Fulani herdsmen ,terrorist Boko Haram and the rampaging Northern bandits have not received the adequate security attention that its tears-inducing activities deserved.

The bandits buoyed by government’s indifference,denial and conscious or unconscious preferential treatment now boasts sophisticated weapons which they are not scared of carrying about. Certain routes in this country are so killer Fulani and Northern bandits infested that a day without kidnapping along them is almost impossible.

A serving governor once admitted to paying the bandits to stop killing people while the Present governor of Katsina which is the President’s home state has invited the killer bandits to a   roundtable discussion maybe to pay them to stop killing Nigerians.

Boko Haram terrorists when captured, instead of facing the justice of the black cap variety that they deserve are ‘deradicalised’ ,re-integrated into the society and most times rewarded with employment in the arm forces.Who knows,they may end up sending intelligence to their colleagues that are still in the forest.

Pro bono? Who benefits from the security threats posed by the evil trinity in Northern Nigeria?Who benefits from President Buhari’s overfed dark sides? It is suggested that the military chiefs who are more political in their approach to fighting insecurity in Nigeria are the major beneficiaries of the security challenges in the country. Money meant to buy arms to fight the terrorists from the days of Jonathan to the present Buhari era has been looted,recovered,relooted and sometimes alleged to be swallowed by animals by thieving government officials.

Recently the Presidency directed that all government ministers that wishes to have a meeting with him must have the blessing of Abba Kyari, the chief of staff to the president before such meeting can go ahead. This has only served to strengthen beliefs in the oil rich West African country that the man Abba Kyari is the defacto President of Nigeria.

President Buhari can still redeem himself and steer the ship of the Nigerian state to the part of true greatness by accomodating the 5% instead of abetting their domination by the 97%. His redemption can also come by sacking the ineffective military chiefs who believes the terrorists has been technically defeated.and the praise-singing spokesmen and aides that can not advise him beyond the need of their stomachs.

The overbloated salaries and allowances of the presidency and the National Assembly members should be made to reflect the true conditions of the country.

The military,health and educational sector should be funded adequately.
This way ‘Nigeria go better’ and the answers to Okosun’s which way Nigeriamay finally be provided.

May God bless Nigeria

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