Why mosquitoes do not transmit HIV

Mosquitoes kill more people than all human murderers .They are thus the world’s deadliest animal. Female mosquitoes needs blood to make their eggs while the males feeds on nectar. There is a good reason why mosquitoes do not transmit HIV.

Mosquitoes in their bid to keep the flame of their survival burning transmits yellow fever,malaria,Zika and other diseases.

Every 30 seconds a child especially in the developing countries dies because of malaria.

About 300,000 Nigerians,according to Government reports die each year because of malaria related causes.

Humans,especially Africans can therefore take solace in the fact that mosquitoes do not transmit HIV.

The reasons are simple and as explained in the following paragraphs.

The HIV virus needs to hide inside T cells(a type of white blood cells that fight infections in the body).Humans have T cells so the virus while mosquitoes do not have this type of white blood cells. For this reason,the ingested virus do not make it inside the body of the mosquito.They are rather digested by enzymes in the gut of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes has 6 mouth parts,4 for piercing the skin of the person the mosquitoe would be feeding on. The other 2 mouth parts consists of 2 tubes one of which sends saliva into the host to prevent coagulation during feeding and the other tube takes up blood from the host into the mosquito.

Only saliva is transferred from the mosquito to humans during feeding therefore the virus remains in the mosquitoes feeding system where it is ultimately degraded by acidic digestive enzymes.

These are the reasons mosquitoes cannot transmit HIV.

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