World’s Police-United States

The United States Government especially under president Trump has its flaws,dramas,thrills and spills. Never before has the president of the United States of America being so erratic and unpredictable in his notion of diplomacy and foreign policies. Trump denies climate change and sometimes ago called Nigeria and their president “Shithole ” and  “lifeless ” respectively.It is a never ending drama in which the weapons of attack includes an IPhone 11 and the popular social media platform, twitter application. The United States are arguably the World Police.

President Trump was elected to ‘Make America Great Again’ and he has not entirely disappointed. He has albeit his isolationist tendencies managed to retain the United States of America as the World’s police.

The United States of America has arguably successfully been policing the world since its founding days. Dictators everywhere may disagree but their actions and inactions are mostly shaped by ‘how the world’s police-the United United States would react’. Human right abuses are curtailed and dictators are whipped into line because of the fear of ‘big brother’.

The United States has mostly responded to all forms of aggressions by State and non-state entities against their citizens and against the citizens of other countries. Homo sapiens watch in fear as to what American response would be whenever ”the little rocket man” starts playing with his toys. They also fearfully wants to know how America would deal with a regime that allegedly uses chemical weapons on its citizens or how America would confront an ally that allegedly killed a top critic in its embassy.

The United States government as per premiumtimesng report  has added Nigeria to a “Special Watch List (SWL)” of countries that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom.”
Part of the U.S Department of Justice report read “The Department renewed the placement of Comoros, Russia, and Uzbekistan on a Special Watch List (SWL) for governments that have engaged in or tolerated “severe violations of religious freedom,” and added Cuba, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and Sudan to this list,”.

Nigeria is becoming increasingly unsafe for the religious minority and members of the opposition political parties. A leader of a factious muslim group, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria otherwise known as Shia Muslim group has been in detention against the country’s court rulings since 2015. Same applies to the former National Security adviser of the country,Dasuki. Sowore,the publisher of Sahara reporters has also been detained against the country’s court order just for calling for a protest to challenge the worsening state of affairs and widespread government corruption and impunity.

“We have acted”,the U.S secretary of State,Pompeo said,”and “we will continue to do so” in Justifying their role as the World’s police. Strength.

It is therefore incumbent on the Nigerian government to prove the U.S wrong by giving the watching world enough reasons why they should not be on the SWL instead of engaging in mudslinging and questioning ‘who made the United State World’s police’ .

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