Organized Religion

There are arguments for and against organized religion. Organized religion,some great men has noted was formed out of fear by man as a bulwark against death and whatever they could not understand. It is is used to justify poverty,sickness and death. Starving,Sick and grieving people do not have to be too worried about their plights. Followers  of almost all organized religions are promised an eternity of unquantifiable bliss.

Men and women without joy has since creation hijacked religion for their selfish reasons. Slavery was aided and abetted substantially by religion. Handy verses from religious books were used to justify slavery. Slaves were to obey their masters, says the good book.

Karl Marx in 1843 noted that ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. This is partly true especially in some developing countries of Africa. A prosperity preacher man in a crusade in which I attended used a bottle of olive oil called ‘anointing oil’ in Nigerian parlance to fleece the suffering and gullible people of my community some years ago. A varying quantity of olive oil was poured on the floor of the crusade ground in 3 places. Citizens were encouraged to queue according to the amount of money they were ready to part with that night. People with the highest amount of money had the first queue ,the people whose money was next in value took the second queue and the third queue was for the poorest of the poor that night. The preacher man ensured that the prayers and blessings dished out that night were proportional to the amount of money in naira given by members of each of the queues.

A video of another man of God asking his unsuspecting audience to pay an earthly rent of $1,000 each for the number of years they have lived on earth was to make its way online to the disgust of the watching public. The prosperity preacher was to collect this rent on God’s behalf.  A popular preacher man was arrested for allegedly charging 50,000 Nigerian Naira from faithfuls that wanted to use his swimming pool. The belief was that a dip in the swimming pool cures poverty and diseases.

Organized religion is now a tool in the hand of politicians everywhere. All they need to perpetuate themselves in power is to always invoke the name of God in their public utterances. The poor and vulnerable are at the receiving end of the anti- people policy made by these God’s assistants.

“God”, President Trump tells Evangelical base “is on our side”, in a speech justifying the killing of top Iranian General. Soleimani.

Ahmed Yerima ,a former governor of Zamfara state in Nigeria in his acting capacity as Allah’s spokesman declared sharia law in that beautiful agrarian state. Poverty and diseases meant the people were suffering . Sharia with its attendant lashings,stoning and amputations made Zamfara then one of the most dangerous places to live on earth.  It was a large scale religious butchery. That same governor would later in the name of God marry a 13 year old girl.

Ganduje,the governor of Kano state in Northern Nigeria caught on tape receiving bribe from a contractor earning him the moniker, ‘Gandollar’ , would also declare war on the poor in the form of sharia law. Males and females are not to share seats in tricycles. The outcry from concerned Nigerians made the Governor and his cronies to repeal the law . That same governor was spotted chatting with a beautiful female co-traveler while flying a first class. The laws of God here are used to punish the poor.

The good earth has also benefited from organized religion. Hell fire is a recurring feature of organized religion, some people do not want to spend eternity there so they do good. One of the organized religions has promised its members a high quality alcohol in paradise in exchange for them not to taste alcohol on earth.

The citizens of the world should stay as far away as they can from organized religion. People should rather seek a scientific and personal relationship with their creator.

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