Amotekun:the Silence,the Noise and the Hypocrisy

“There is no hell or heaven after death”,wrote a friend in reply to a Facebook post about hell and heaven,”I was born in hell and I have all my life been trying to escape it”,he concluded. This is partially true for people in Nigeria especially people from the Boko Haram terrorists ravaged states of Borno and Yobe. Our healthcare professionals and others are on daily basis leaving this hell for Europe or North America. Finer writers both within and outside Nigeria have been calling for an end to the activities of the twin evils of Boko Haram terrorists and the Killer Fulani Herdsmen and for the Federal government of Nigeria to designate the latter a terrorist organization. Killing and burning of places of worship is almost becoming a culture in this part of the world. We have been reduced to statisticians as the daily killing of our countrymen is now a normalcy ,we are rather interested in the number of people that were kidnapped or killed. There is a gradual but persistent attempt to induct the entire country into the Hobbesian society that some states in Northern Nigeria has become. The South Western states of Nigeria is in all regards a starting point. Kidnapping 101 is the name of the first course. This has necessitated the coming together of the south Western state governors to form a regional security outfit to be known and addressed as Amotekun.

Operation Amotekun which was primarily conceived to counter the activities of the Killer Fulani herdsmen is an indictment on the Muhammed Buhari led Federal government. Amotekun is the Yoruba word for leopard. He has even as a retired Army general failed to protect the weak and vulnerable of the society.

Amotekun operatives
Amotekun operatives with leopard symbol.

The Lagos Ibadan expressway is so Killer Fulani Herdsmen infested that the terrorists were at a time alleged to have erected their own checkpoints. The fearless omoluabi Amotekuns which has received the nod of the country’s inspector General of police would in concert with other willing and ready security outfit in the region ensure that the Killer Fulani Herdsmen and their terrorist cousin,Boko Haram do not gain a stronghold in Oduduwa land.

The wicked silence,the righteous noise and the blatant hypocrisy reactions to operation Amotekun are pointers respectively to how far a man can go in quest of power,the unity and resolve of an endangered people to serve preserve and the arrogancy of a certain section of the country.

The Tinubus and Osinbajos have curiously decided to sit on the fence as per the Operation Amotekun issue.It is understandable that they have chosen this part in order to sustain their ‘stomach infrastructure’ and to continue to be in the good book of the self acclaimed Nigerian Kingmakers. It is narcissistic to allow the need of an individual to become Nigeria’s president to trump the need of his larger community to be safe both in their homes and farms. 

The ‘wailers’ comprising Fani Kayode, Afebabalola, Soyinka and others are not backing down in their defense of what has been rightly term an endangered populations attempt at self preservation. ‘Amotekun’,they all agreed ‘has come to stay’.

The Miyetti Allah,the Attorney General of the federation,the service chiefs and the Muslim Rights Council(MURIC) through emotional blackmail and outright threat are unanimous in their opposition to this noble cause. Violence is not the prerogative of any group of people and therefore should be eschewed by all.

Amotekun like the Hisbah police should be allowed to perform this righteous duty. The Hisbah police whose duty runs contrary to the laws of all civilization can not be allowed to operate while the friendly Amotekun are disbanded. In vino veritas,the Amotekun would not flog anybody for drinking an alcoholic beverage,it is the hisbah police in Kano and other Northern states that operates that way. Nobody would have his arm amputated for stealing a cow and nobody would be stoned to death for being friends with the complementary sex. No. Amotekun would not operate that way.

The Federal government of Nigeria under Buhari is suffering from type 1 allergy to constructive criticisms ,but we would continue to talk.

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