The Buhari challenge

It is almost an unwritten law that people of the world especially the Covid-19 hit countries gets updates from their leaders. Trump. Boris Johnson.  Xi. And countless others are on daily basis updating their citizens on the efforts the government is taking to curtail the virus. Somewhere in a once promising country in West Africa, the citizens sleep and wake not only with that unwanted companion called hunger,they are now forced to contend with a confused present, an uncertain future and conspiracy theories.

This is largely due to a rudderless government that was forced through the ballot box on that country in 2015.The President of the most populous country in Africa, General Muhammed Buhari has since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic gone missing. He has a propensity to do the disappearing act in times of emergency. With Buhari,silence is not golden. His silence to issues of national interest is deafening and his inactions are legendary especially when cows are not involved.

General Buhari however has an  affinity to cows that there is a saying that one has to behave like a cow to be protected in Buhari’s Nigeria. Cows and killer Fulani herdsmen ranks top in Buhari’s APC led Federal government of Nigeria’s scale of preference. A presidential spokesman once famously told a section of the country that were still healing from the destruction wrought on them by the killer cow handlers that “it is better to lose your ancestral lands to the killer Fulanis than to lose your life”. That same spokesman would again tell Nigerians that Buhari not addressing Nigerians is a “matter of style” That presidential spokesman was a Journalist before he was bought over to perform the difficult task of marketing a bad product. His name is Femi Adesina.

It is not a matter of style for the president of a country to remain taciturn or indifferent to the plight of the governed. It is a satanic silence. The president has to as a matter of national security address the country. In doing so he has to tell the religiously inclined youths from Northern Nigeria that the covid-19 pandemic is not a ploy to stop them from worshipping Allah in their mosques. Muslim youths especially from Katsina state as of press time are in the streets protesting the stay at home directive. Police stations and properties are being torched by the Islamists.

General Buhari who spent one year and 39 days abroad in his first three years in office is a man of unstable health and gets his medical needs mostly from London. The uncertainty of his whereabout has made concerned citizens to call him out to address Nigerians. Buhari according to sources is seriously sick and can not be transfered to the UK because of the covid-19 pandemic. The UK has their fair share of covid-19 cases to worry about one ‘big man’ from their former colony.

The saying that hope springs eternal holds true in Nigeria. Nigerians in their hundreds after the presidency released an old picture of General Buhari working from home took to twitter to make light of the abscence of leadership in their country by engaging in #TheBuhariChallenge#, imitating Buhari’s media handlers by posting old pictures of long gone former Nigerian leaders showing them undergoing quarantine or responding to the covid-19 pandemic.

Below are some of the #BuhariChallenge tweets:

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