Mercy upon us Lord
coronavirus everywhere
Conspiracy theories here n there
The world is no longer proud
Neither is it loud
The world is now humble
Cause it like gonna tumble

What is this world turning into?
The world is shaky n timid
The world is no longer at its feet
There is silence in the street
First ’twas ebola
Then came lassa fever
We haven’t even recover from it
‘Nd now corona?

Arrgh,lets talk about the killings
A lot of people are dying
That left us lamenting
‘Nd also grieving
For our loved ones
that left us hoping
And seriously praying
For dear lives…

Coronavirus facts and myths

A respecter of nobody
Lord,we are tired
Come to our aid
We know we’ve gone astray
Make us not to be preys
Ahhh,with my strength I pray
Have mercy Lord,Have mercy!!

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Uniqueen is presently a student who loves the world of words. She is also an art lover and writes poem.

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