Dexamethasone for covid-19

The choices we make,they say are branches in the tree of possibilities.Many treatment and or/prevention of covid-19 choices have been made and forced on the innocent children of the world.Some of the choices are encouraging while some are outrightly dangerous. The antimalarial drugs,chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic,azithromycin were literally trumpeted and forced down the throat of all of us by the President of the United states. True,hydroxychloroquine works against the corona virus,but the risks when placed on the scale of risk benefit analysis far outweighed the benefits.

The WHO did not particularly cover themselves in glory-they made a bad job of convincing a troubled world of the otherwise of President trumps claim that ‘HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine.’

Trump is not a licenced medical practioner and against good medical advice that the concoction of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine has the potential to cause breathing problems continued preaching the gospel of the ‘wonder combination’ and even took a 2-week course of same concoction.

The UK Prime Minister,Boris Johnson according to the BBC has described the discovery by UK experts of the role of the steroid,Dexamethasone in managing seriously ill covid -19 patients as ‘a remarkable British achievement’. Johnson was right. It is a remarkable achievement which means that it is worthy of attention.
The hope is that the bad attention that Dexamethasone already commands especially in developing countries does not get worse.

Dexamethasone pronounced ‘dex-a-meth’a-sone’ is used to manage arthritis.It is also used to manage some forms of Nausea and vomiting. Dexamethasone is also used in making some eye drops.
Dexamethasone especially the brands known as ‘Yodi'(Yodi means buttock in Yoruba),yokebe and xasten are not known in my country for their ability to relieve arthritis pain. It is notoriously known for being the drug that produces the ‘yodi-effect’,women ignorantly used it to boost the size of their ‘back side’. Some even consumed it to ‘gain more weight’. Yodi abuse is not restricted to humans,some farmers are feeding their livestock with yodi not because the animals are arthritic or asthmatic. The reason is simple-to fatten the animals before selling them.

Yodi like other brands of dexamethasone have the ability to suppress the immune system. Imagine North Korea without its missiles. Imagine China and Russia without their nukes and imagine the United states without the Dollar and their military. A suppressed immune system like a conquered army are defenseless. The impacts of opportunistic infections on a compromised immune system is worse than the effects of anxiety,stress and pains on the minds of an addict whose brain is deprived of both the pain relieving peptide neurotransmitters called endorphins and opioids like morphine or cocaine. The individual is said to be undergoing turkey and the effects are not pleasant. Yet it does not compare to the sufferings of immuno compromised individuals.

Another side effect of dexamethasone is peripheral oedema characterized by a puffy face and swollen limbs as a result of water retention.

Other side effects of dexamethasone are insomnia,Buffalo hump,Easy bruising,Cataracts,Obesity,Moonface,Euphoria,Thin arms & legs,Hypertension/ Hyperglycaemia,avascular necrosis of femoral head,Skin thinning,Osteoporosis,Negative nitrogen balance and emotional liability.

Anyone who suspects that she or he has corona virus symptoms should report to the covid-19 helplines available. Resorting to self medications could be dangerous.

NOTE:Dexamethasone as per the UK experts are not effective against mild symptoms of corona virus.They work well where the patient has breathing difficulties.
References:available on requests.

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